Insurance with integrity
Commercial Insurance

We provide a personal, professional and proactive service for you and your business. bright I  has vast knowledge and experience working alongside entrepreneurs and business owners.

We really take the time to get to know and understand your business and its individual requirements. This ensures we can provide a tailored bespoke insurance solution which meets your specific needs, giving you peace of mind that your assets, liabilities, revenue and people are protected. Accordingly.

Our service proposition is designed to reduce your administrative burden and remove potential gaps or duplication's in cover. Furthermore it’s supported by our dedicated in‐house claims consultants to help speed up the settlement process.

Private Client Insurance

Why do you need an insurance broker to arrange your insurance cover when you can get a quote online in just a few minutes? Can you be confident these policies provide the necessary cover in the event of a loss?

You can rely on our expertise to assess your unique insurance needs accurately and find the policy that is right for you. With our Private Client team at your side you can be assured you have got the perfect blend of service, product and price.


Consultancy services for affinity groups and established brands

Do you have a strong brand or affinity among your customers or clients that would stretch to providing tailored insurance offers?
Or do you have an affinity offer already that needs to be reviewed and where consultancy could be a real benefit and increase participation levels?

Access to leading insurance providers and innovators

Do you need to find a new or replacement insurance partner or have you found the service levels letting your proposition down?
Are the current providers not as advanced as other providers who are embracing new technology?

Can insurance introduce new revenue streams and add value to your service offer?

What competitive advantage could you gain by integrating insurance into your products and services?
Can insurance introduce new revenue streams and increase the valuation of your business?

Integrating products and services into insurance

Do you have a product or service that can be integrated into insurance that will enhance and differentiate an insurance product or reduce the risk for an insurer?  
Can your product or service increase the value of the insurance product or service?

We are happy to work on a profit share basis or pure consultancy. We seek opportunities of all types and therefore are happy to work with clients on aligning our interests to that of our clients.

Bright I will not charge for initial scoping meetings on new projects. We will also not charge for reviewing legacy arrangements.

Please contact the affinity team on +44 (0)20 7874 5250
The professionals

Supporting professional firms with insurance consultancy services

Are you a firm that offers regulated financial services to your clients but these services do not cover tailored general insurance services?
Do you have a legacy insurance offering that isn’t hitting the participation and or service levels or simply requires new thinking?
Are you a professional firm that offers no form of regulated financial services firm but constantly look for other professionals that hold integrity as one of their core beliefs?

Bright I has considerable expertise in integrating a general insurance service offering to firms that provide regulated financial services in the wealth and IFA community. Our professionals team have years of experience in the alignment and integration of an insurance service proposition, our clients include leading IFA and wealth firms who prefer to focus on their core strengths but very much see the need for leading insurance services to their private clients and businesses. These firms also firmly align to the importance of integrity.

The team also work across a range of non FCA professional firms such as accountants and solicitor firms, where the focus is working on the insurance needs of their clients and enhancing their own service proposition and for some introducing new revenue streams. We have integration arrangements with top a 50 firm of accountants and work with leading UK legal firms

The team consists of insurance expertise, integration expertise and marketing capability and we are happy to sit down with any professional to see how we could help a new alignment or integration or review an existing proposition to see how we could enhance the current offering,
Please contact the professional team on +44 (0)20 7874 5250
Access to Excellence

Bright I clients can access products and services we believe are excellent

Do you need other services that hold integrity at the core of their business / service, whom you can trust and who Bright I have vetted in being excellent in what they do or offer?
Does your product or service align to our integrity stance and can be included in our suite of access to excellence products and services?

Bright I clients have access to leading experts in their chosen fields that believe in the importance of integrity. We have worked with some of these experts for many years and referred clients to them on many occasions.

Access to excellence covers a whole host of services and products tax, accounting, legal services, mortgage experts, private equity, banking, real estate and rental property, including foreign exchange, security & valuations.

If you have a particular need then please speak with your consultant who will be happy to put you in touch with the access to excellence team.
Service and product providers

Those who are interested in being part of the Bright I access to excellence programme, we are always interested in meeting like-minded people and businesses that believe in the same philosophy, integrity

Please contact the access to excellence team on +44 (0)20 7874 5250

Innovating insurance with technology products and capability

Can you benefit from our capability, expertise and technology “BiTech”? are you an insurer looking at how the advancement of technology can help manage risk or increase demand/supply?
Do you have ideas or technology that can could compliment the current BiTech products and services?

The BiTech team is made up of a combination of individuals that cover insurance industry experts that have had considerable involvement in insurance tech related products and services. The team also includes non-insurance technology partners that are leading the way in new technologies that will drive change into industries such as insurance.

We offer consultancy services and access to innovative technology to the insurance industry that covers both insurance risk and accessing the younger tech savvy consumer market.

We are also very interested in any ideas or new technology that can be used in the insurance sector, you may not even have thought that the insurance industry could benefit from your ideas or technology. We are happy to talk to anyone as we have found that ideas and products for other sectors also work in the insurance sector.
Please contact the BiTech team on +44 (0)20 7874 5250

About Us

Insurance is simple, the industry likes to complicate it, we don’t.

Tony joined Jelf in 2012 having started his insurance career in 1980 with Commercial Union. In 1985 Tony went Broking and has been what he calls “on the dark side ever since”, having worked for Willis (twice), Nelson Hurst, Marsh, HSBC, JLT & Oval.

Tony has undertaken a wide variety of sales, operations & management roles across both commercial & Private Client insurance sectors. For the last 16 years he has focused & specialised in the Private Client space & has been lucky to work with some of the wealthiest people in the country & around the world.

He is a born & bred Londoner & a Freeman of the City of London (so allowed to drive his sheep & cattle over London Bridge). He has four grown up children and is a long suffering Millwall fan (I know it’s the only issue)! Enjoys walking, film, music, good food & wine.

Marc is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and before embarking on his own enterprise, Marc built up over 20 years of experience working for the “big four” accountancy practices and achieving the status of performance management leader for an award winning big four private client tax team.

Taking Marc’s vast experience in management and operational capability, Marc moved into the role of Group Managing Director overseeing the design, implementation and growth of MFV’s operational and infrastructure. This has enabled MFV to widen its channels of business and product / service offerings. This enables businesses such as bright I to focus its entire efforts on client acquisition and retention knowing that the management and operational aspects of the business are overseen. This includes a dedicated marketing team.

Marc still acts for a number of individuals and businesses and leads them through the myriad of continual tax legislation and change. Marc’s tax and business expertise covers all the key areas of private client as well as having the breadth of knowledge on corporate matters affecting owner managed businesses.

Whilst Marc’s focus is in the Group MD role, having this additional capability in tax matters has proven to be very beneficial.

Richard has worked in the wealth management business for over 25 years, running his own enterprise for the last 15 years.

It was Richard who was instrumental in forming MFV IP the cornerstone of MFV’s businesses.

Richard is very much at the heart of the vision of MFV and is responsible for bringing business opportunities to MFV. Richard also deals with MFV’s key clients in relation to their business interests, family succession and their overall assets.

Many clients of his are business owners and entrepreneurs which in itself brings new ideas and opportunities to MFV and its clients.

Fit for purpose

Insurance should serve you and coverage needs to be fit for purpose, not just for today but as your circumstances change over time.


Life does not stand still, nor should your insurance, Evolve is the review process designed by bright I to ensure that you are appropriately covered at all times. The frequency is determined by both the complexity of your affairs and where you, your family and any business interests are on your journey.

Active not passive

We actively assess both the products in the market to ensure our clients are covered by the leading insurance products. We actively assess our clients through Evolve (described above).

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